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As I looked back at the growth over the last four years since our inception in 2008, I am extremely proud of what we have achieved today, and even more excited about our outlook for an equally promising future ahead of us.
We have started our transition from a local Kuala Lumpur start-up to become a respected regional firm, garnering business from across the region, while earning our clients' trust along the way.
Customer satisfaction is the standard by which we measure our performance, and we hold ourselves, as do our clients, to the highest standards of quality. In this continually evolving world, our clients are more conversant than ever about their solutions provider options in the market. Even so, they continue to have Intuittech as their partner of choice because of our wide range of experience, commitment to quality and community, and most importantly integrity.
As we transition to the into the second phase of business development in the industry, we face various challenges, each of them provides opportunities for Intuittech to innovate, improve, create, develop and excel. Many of our relationships are long standing and nothing is more important than the relationship we share with our customers.
Thank you very much for your continuing loyalty and support through all the years.
I am proud to be a part of the Intuittech team!


Dr. Daniel Krahenbuhl, CEO


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"...... It now hosts our initial load of over 500 users, which is constantly growing. We have e-faxing integrated into the system and we are now embarking on providing mobility to our users, enabling them to connect their smart phones to the system and calling any extension. And as our users bevome more sophisticated, we will be able to fully utilise Asterisk's feature-rich system. We have found the team from Intuittech to be knowledgeable, responsive, courteous and sensitive towards our needs. We commend a job well done...."
"..... gave Intuit a PO and within 2 weeks we were having a working solution which many vendors failed to provide. I got more than what I bargained for! I just wanted free telephone calls between China and Malaysia plants, but Intuit had implemented a solution that sets the directions for Carsem future in telephone communications, with a very affordable cost. Many thanks to Intuit for implementing Astervox, their Asterisk-built solution, which had paid back the minimal investment in less than 6 months ....."
“....For now merely a year of intensive usage of Nagmon, Nagios-built solution, I am totally convinced by its simplicity and flexibility. My department now feels empowered with awareness, knowledge and speed to action. Thanks Intuit for making our jobs and lives simpler! And a special thanks to Intuit CTO, Sanjay, whose response rate to resolve all our issues was impressively fast; one of the few in this market to go down in the field and get his hands dirty, as much as his engineers.....”
“....Nagios-built solution, is simply an excellent tool. I can now manage other important tasks, knowing that my infrastructure is well taken care of. We have now been implanting Nagmon for 2 years, and it is covering 90% of our organisation's critical systems. Now, not only their solutions and professionalism is remarkable, but they also provided us with insight training, and our IT administrator is now able to further exploit powerful features of Nagmon, in our on environment, on our own. We are now fully in control of our data, our equipment and infrastructure, and our IT solution. Full success.....”
“....After 2 years of intensive usage of Asterisk, I am totally convinced by its robustness and flexibility. I am glad that I have met intuit and assigned them to do the implementation for my organization, they are professional and passionate toward Asterisk. Special thanks to Dr. Daniel for all his help and always providing us with surprising solution which we thought were impossible......”
“....We have been receiving lots of compliments from our Business Users that are really impressed with the new telephony system especially when the IVR has been introduced. Giant chose Astervox, the Asterisk-built solution, as it is an open source easy to configure and maintain. Utilizing its various and powerful features, we can now keep track of our call center performance and we do see a significant improvement in our customer engagement. Intuit has been very helpful toward the entire implementation stage and also supports us, ad-hoc, to ensure that Astervox meets our daily requirements. Intuit team has always been providing us with great feedback and potential solutions which might be useful to our specific environment.....”
“...they introduced us to their hosted service Astervox and we actually loved it! After a free trial of a few days, we quickly transitioned from our internal PBX to the Astervox service. Intuit helped us port our complex time conditions and redirection rules used for our helpdesk to the new system and configure an equivalent feature set (DID, voicemail, 3rd party services integration). As a customer, I would definitely recommend using their Astervox service, being for a shared hosted PBX or a dedicated hosted PBX......”
“...BFM was looking for an affordable way to add productivity and value to our telephony system. We actually have been looking for a little while, as we were not inclined to manage the whole telephony project ourselves. We are so glad we found Intuit, who proposed us an affordable and highly reliable telephony solution. They were efficient, effective and very professional to install everything and now they are actually managing our PABX for us. We don't have to worry about a thing. Whatever might happen, if it's ever happens, they will deal with it. Thank you Intuit and we wish you a great and long-lasting success!.....”
“...We needed to refresh our old PABX, we got presented with Astervox, Intuittech's Asterisk built IP PBX solution and appreciated all the features they introduces to us. What did we like the most? It's scalability, it's absence of license cost, the fact that we can manage it on our own. We had been exposed to branded, commercial IPPBX solutions, but we had to recognise that the investment for them was out of our range... So, we jumped on the Intuittech proposal and since then we have been fully satisfied with their service and the power of Astervox.....”
“ we can expand as many users as we want, without having to worry about cost on licensing. We had deployed Astervox across 2 plants, connecting them together using our existing infrastructure. We now save tremendously on calls between plants. The feature that Astervox has is simply fantastic. I am amazed that such a full featured system could be deployed in a short time frame. Intuit’s team has the technical capabilities and expertise which meet my expectation. They are dedicated and resourceful. We are now looking into the possibility of connecting Malaysia with Japan using Astervox. This will help us save over RM50,000.00 in call charges annually. I am glad that I had chosen Intuit’s solution.....”