Intuittech Benefits

As a young company we are proud to offer a comprehensive benefits package to eligible employees, which is designed to promote their personal well being as well as of their families.

Intuittech not only offers a very competitive health benefits package including medical, dental and vision coverage, we also offer income protection benefits including life insurance, short term disability, and long term disability.

All eligible Intuittech employees will be insured under our ING company plan.

Intuittech covers 100% of your individual medical outpatient bills (clinic visits and medication) as well as covers 100% of your bills during your hospitalization in line with ING-Insurance policy.

All eligible Intuittech employees will be entitled to 20 days full paid leave per calendar year.

Employees staying 5 years and longer with Intuittech are entitled to 25 days full paid leave per calendar year.

Intuittech observes all Public Holidays gazetted by the Federal Government or the State Government of the respective State and Country in which the employee is serving.

Regular full-time employees who have been with Intuittech for a minimum of six months will receive reimbursement for qualifying educational expenses that are approved in advance and meet company criteria, including tuition, required books, and laboratory and registration fees.