Case Study Selection

Atos Orign

With Asterisk Atos Origin acquired a future proof and expandable solution that will grow with the company and allows to do work more efficiently

With currently three offices in different locations in Malaysia communication has become more difficult for the existing legacy telephony system to adapt to the changing business requirements. Additional features where required such as: seamless mobility for traveling users, VoIP capability for integration into the Cisco call manager as well call centre functionalities for customer service agents. An added challenge was that the system needs to provide disaster recovery and backup capabilities over all locations while maintaining a low capital as well operational expense....

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Asterisk is completely license cost free, this helped to reduce the capital expenditure against other IP Telephony solutions massively.

With the two companies merging, more than 20 branches nationwide and call centre requirements, AXA Affin was sourcing for a reliable, cost efficient IP telephony platform to consolidate their telephony infrastructure for their 500 users in the Headquarter and the 200 Users in the branches. Cost effective and hassle free expansion where other key requirements that are important to the company, together with ease of use, centralized management and high availability.....

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“It was an easy pick, Intuittech’s Asterisk solution met all our requirements.”

With multiple offices throughout Malaysia and many users from the engineering division being mobilized to sites; both locally and internationally, cost of communication was on the rise. Kencana was sourcing for a reliable, flexible, expandable and costs effective unified communications platform for its new headquarter in Kuala Lumpur consolidating all offices in to a single location spanning over 10 floors and cater for 1200 users. Furthermore the solution needs the capability to grow (in-terms of capacity and features) with minimal operational cost. Many other traditional/ legacy PBX’s were evaluated and a comparison chart was tabled out by Kencana. The Asterisk solution proposed and presented by Intuittech championed in all aspects with flying colors.

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Our regional business was expanding and we needed a new enterprise PBX which was feature rich to accommodate our expanding business needs, Intuittech with its Asterisk based solution had the answer.

Petrofac Malaysia’s primary focus is on offshore oilfield development and extending the life of brown field assets. With continuing expansion of head counts and locations in Malaysia and offshore oil rig's. Petrofac Malaysia Limited (PML) General Manager Mr. Keith Collins was looking for an affordable, reliable and versatile telecommunications platform that fits PML’s expansion plans. Facing rapid growth, from 40 to 300 over staff in 4 offices in Kuala Lumpur area, the addition of project offices for subsurface and energy development as well oil rig’s and drilling platforms it became very difficult for any legacy telephony reseller to cope with such a vivid business environment.

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Pizza Hut

It’s good to work with people who know what they are doing and can get things done and I have to say good things do come affordable..

Pizza Hut Restaurants run a 80 seat call center for it’s Home Delivery service. With a daily load of up to 8’000 calls on weekdays and up to 10’000 calls on weekend’s with a steadily grow of customers. As the existing propriety call centre solution became obsolete, the former vendor was hesitant to support Pizza Hut’s system without upgrade to the latest version of their call center solution. Furthermore the current system as well the newly proposed system lacked the possibility to integrate with Pizza Hut’s point of sale system, did not provide comprehensive monitoring and only limited call recording functionality. To upgrade the system and software to match the requirements needed for Pizza Hut to extend their operation grow its business was substantial.

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Our business was expanding and we needed an affordable enterprise telephony platform to accommodate our expanding business needs, Intuittech with its Asterisk based solution was a perfect fit.

Having multiple offices allover the state it became difficult and expensive for PKNS to communicate with its staff and subsidiaries. Consolidation of multiple smaller offices into a new location was a first step to help the business. Continuous expansion, project offices and new business vertical such as Hosted and Virtual offices added to the complexity while sourcing for a new communications platform. Scalable, cost efficiency, simplicity, VoIP and call centre functionalities are some of the main requirements that had to be fulfilled. In addition, the need for flexibility and integration into customer relationship solutions (CRM) for its new virtual office business were key to the success of the solution itself.

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University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham (UON) was using a proprietary IP-PBX solution for their existing 500 Office employees in the Semenyih Campus as well 10 IP- Phones connected via VoIP from the Kuala Lumpur branch. After using the platform for 5 years, it the software became obsolete and there was no more support available. UON was asked to upgrade to all the versions in between as there was no direct upgrade to the latest version of the software if they want to be eligible for support and regain the capabilities to add additional features. The investment involved to achieve this feat was enormous and run into the hundreds of thousands of Dollars. UON decided to look for alternatives that are: affordable, flexible, feature rich, easy to maintain and provides the capability to re-use the existing IP-Phones.

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Asterisk provides domestic calling services for military personnel in Iraq. Innovation Award Winner Intuittech provides a 10,000 concurrent call Asterisk-based solution for U.S. Military members overseas.

Through careful planning and design, Intuittech crafted a highly-scalable and cost-effective Asterisk solution for the U.S. Army in Iraq. Now, soldiers enjoy the ability to easily and affordably communicate with loved ones in the U.S through the use of wired, wireless, and web browser-based telephones at Army bases in Iraq. Army service members now enjoy the benefits of an ultra-modern communications solution, including voicemail-to-email, personal US-based Direct Inward Dials, and the choice of telephones.

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