Our Mission

Intuittech's vision is to be a major part in the deployment of open sources based communications and network solutions globally. Our mission is to transform the way businesses acquire and operate their communications and network monitoring systems through the application of open source software.

Our Values

Customer Commitment - excite our clients
  • Be relentless in commitment to our customers success
  • Be simple and easy to do business with
  • Have all employees contribute to our customers satisfaction
  • Deliver defined exceptional and measurable value to our client

Social Responsibility - build a better world
  • Support change in our profession and communities
  • Fight and oppose inequalities in injustice as individuals and as a company
  • Actively promote the inclusion of diverse individuals on all our teams
  • Ignore historic discrimination, including that of race, gender and sexual orientation

Uncompromising Principles - Respect, Humility and Openness
  • Act with respect, integrity and honesty
  • Act with humility as individuals but with power and pride as Intuittech workers
  • Bear the cost of doing the right thing
  • Improve intuittech for future generation of intuittech Workers

The Best people - we are in the people business
  • Value talent over education and experience
  • Look for truly excellent people who share our passion and values
  • Exhibit a can-do attitude and strong work ethic
  • Rely on attitude, aptitude and integrity
  • Create opportunities for individual growth and development

Fun - working without is a nightmare
  • Encourage initiative, avoid resting on our laurels
  • Identify, develop and value personal energy and emotional intelligence in our leaders
  • Celebrate success

Entrepreneurialism - each employee is a owner
  • Make mistakes early and learn from them
  • Accept risk intelligently, looking at them as a positive side of our business
  • Act fearless, courageous, open-minded, self-motivated and eager to learn/li>