is-phone® mobile Android

is-phone® mobile Android extends your desktop telephony system to any mobile device (tablet and smartphone). is-phone® mobile is a full-fledged VoIP application bringing voice and video to mobility. is-phone® mobile is a SIP based, with all of the leading telephony standard platforms interoperable UC application. is-phone® mobile includes specifically designed business and enterprise features. is-phone® mobile settings can be preset by manual configuration via the graphical user interface or by using a provisioning server.

  • Video conferencing
  • Presence
  • Favorites with picture
  • Enhanced audio/video codecs G729 and H264

  • Contact centric interface with phone’s native address book integration
  • List of favorites
  • Call controls including call hold, record, mute, transfer, speakerphone
  • Multiple call support up to 3 communication lines
  • Easy swap between calls by single tap
  • Instant audio conferencing up to 3 participants
  • Simple tap on programmed PBX features (i.e. call forwarding flavors…)
  • Voicemail support with MWI
  • Rich call history with recent call logs, filters (all, received, dialed, missed) and delete entries
  • Call recordings and text notes
  • Dial plan support

Video conferencing
  • Video conference with one participantn
  • CIF to VGA resolution support with screen auto-adjustment
  • Preview video support (frontal camera)
  • Video enablement by simple tap

Presence (only on request for OEM version
  • SIP Simple presence of favorites
  • Awareness status: available, busy, away, off-line
  • Automatically update your presence when you are in a call

  • Signaling and media encryption via TLS and SRTP
  • NAT & Firewall traversal support through ICE, STUN and TURN