is-phone® Desktop Communicator

is-phone® Desktop Communicator is a rich softphone integrated into the Microsoft Unified Communications platform (Exchange, Outlook, Live Messenger). is-phone® Desktop enables voice and video conferencing on any SIP based PBX or SIP carrier. is-phone® Desktop Communicator and is easy to install and operate. is-phone® Desktop Communicator is interoperable with all major IP PBX, softswitch, MCU and IMS vendor platforms. is-phone® Desktop Communicator offers the fastest pay-back, due to a very cost-effective licensing model and a quick roll-out.

  • Simplified User Interface based on WPF-Technology
  • Drag & Drop for Call Handling
  • Video 2D/3D
  • LDAP look-up
  • Minor bugs fixed

Seamless integration in Microsoft collaboration suite
  • Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007/2010 plug-in
  • MSN Messenger connector with MSN presence status : no need to install MSN Messenger client
  • Click-to-dial on MS Outlook contacts
  • Automatic import of Microsoft Outlook or Exchange contacts, including groups
  • Call history synchronization with Microsoft Outlook

Simple interfaces and easy to use application
  • Contact centric interface containing all your Microsoft Outlook, favorites and private contacts
  • Self-intuitive graphical interface optimized for fast learning curve and a maximum of 3 clicks for any action
  • Just drag and drop call session(s) into other one(s) to start an audio/video conference
  • Detachable audio/video call sessions with resizable windows
  • Optimized telephony feature set while in a call: conference, hold, call transfer and record
  • Simple ON/OFF action click on any other PBX features
  • Instantaneous escalation to audio/video conferences: no conference reservation brainer !>/li>
  • Single click for swapping from corporate to private SIP account and vice-versa

Interoperability and seamless OAMP mechanism
  • SIP standards based
  • Interoperability certifications with main vendor platforms such as Broadsoft, Metaswitch, Alcatel-Lucent, Siemens, Avaya-Nortel and more >
  • Support of standard licensing solutions like Safenet
  • Interoperable with MCU servers like Polycom, Tandberg etc.
  • Standard set of audio and video codecs (narrow and wide-band) with 3rd party codec library extension (in option)
  • Support of common professional audio and video peripherals such as Plantronics, Jabra, Polycom, Snom etc.

Telephony & Conferencing
  • CTI support with multiple options/configurations
  • Contact centric interface
  • Make HD voice and HD video conference calls
  • Record text notes and audio of calls
  • Simply turn on/off any PBX features programmed
  • Voicemail with MWI
  • Detach call tabs
  • Call and chat sessions history

Instant Messaging & File Transfer
  • Send instant messages to MSN Messenger or GoogleTalk /Jabber contacts
  • See IM alerts for incoming instant messages
  • Handle multiple concurrent IM sessions
  • Send or receive files (MS Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) by drag & drop documents in the IM session

  • Receive notifications for your MSN Messenger favorites
  • Automatically update your presence when you are in a call
  • Select your presence status manually

  • Signaling and media encryption via TLS and SRTP
  • NAT & Firewall traversal support through ICE, STUN and TURN
  • License key server support such as Safenet.