is-phone® portable

is-phone® portable enables you one application running on multiple platforms. In fact you are using one single UC-client regardless if it is for Windows, Linux or Mac. The product enables audio and video conferencing and chat, running without installation (.exe file) ore directly out of a USB stick.

Built on open standards, is-phone portable is proven interoperable with all of the leading industry’s standard platforms and devices. It now also includes features specifically designed for business and enterprise users and can be deployed within an enterprise environment either by manual configuration via the graphical user interface or by using a provisioning server.

  • Symplifyed User Interface
  • Instant Messaging enhanced with XMPP/Jabber (Google talk)
  • Filetransfer
  • Provisioning
  • Broadsoft Enterprise Assistant (CTI)
  • Full CTI Support

Simple interfaces and easy to use application
  • Contact centric interface built around your LDAP and favorite contacts
  • Self-intuitive graphical interface optimized for fast learning curve and a maximum of 3 clicks for any action
  • Instantaneous escalation to audio/video conferences by single click: no conference reservation brainer !
  • Detachable audio/video call sessions with resizable windows
  • Optimized telephony feature set while in a call: conference, hold, call transfer and record
  • Simple ON/OFF action click on any other PBX features
  • Single click for swapping from corporate to private SIP account and vice-versa

Easy and fast roll-out
  • Applications can be downloaded from any web server, pre-installed on USB key or bundled with TV appliances
  • Just require a Java environment (JRE 1.6) on Windows, Linux or MAC OS X platforms
  • Open and flexible remote provisioning mechanism
  • Native BroadWorks Device Management support
  • Automatic version update and upgrade mechanism

Interoperability and seamless OAMP mechanism
  • SIP standards based
  • Interoperability certifications with main vendor platforms such as Broadsoft, Metaswitch, Alcatel-Lucent, Siemens, Avaya-Nortel and more >
  • Support of standard licensing solutions like Safenet
  • Interoperable with MCU servers like Polycom, Tandberg etc.
  • Standard set of audio and video codecs (narrow and wide-band) with 3rd party codec library extension (in option)
  • Support of common professional audio and video peripherals such as Plantronics, Jabra, Polycom, Snom etc.

Telephony & Conferencing
  • CTI support with multiple options/configurations
  • Contact centric interface
  • Make HD voice and HD video conference calls
  • Record text notes and audio of calls
  • Simply turn on/off any PBX features programmed
  • Voicemail with MWI
  • Detach call tabs
  • Call and chat sessions history

Instant Messaging & File Transfer
  • Send instant messages to MSN Messenger or GoogleTalk /Jabber contacts
  • See IM alerts for incoming instant messages
  • Handle multiple concurrent IM sessions
  • Send or receive files (MS Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) by drag & drop documents in the IM session

  • Receive notifications for your MSN Messenger favorites
  • Automatically update your presence when you are in a call
  • Select your presence status manually

  • Signaling and media encryption via TLS and SRTP
  • NAT & Firewall traversal support through ICE, STUN and TURN
  • License key server support such as Safenet.