Majuda® Compliance

A concern with regards to the storage of sensitive and private information has resulted in a flood of regulation throughout the world (PCI DSS 2.0, HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, Basel III and more). Private information regarding medical records of patients, social security numbers, credit card and banking information have to be either removed from recordings or stored in an accepted method. Majuda® Corporation is proud to launch the Majuda® ComplianceMajuda™ Module.

In addition to granular security, password-restricted login, restriction controls on call playback and calls being stored with 256bit AES encryption in the database, Majuda has developed a solution to remove the sensitive data from a particular part of the call as well as remove any related screenshots during that interaction (if applicable).

There are two ways the system identifies these interactions, through either API integration or manual activation by an agent. The Majuda® system also has the ability to mark a call that has been identified as containing sensitive information at a later stage, and restrict access to that call on a permanent basis.

Majuda® is committed to continue evolving and updating the module to comply with the necessary regulations.