Majuda® RemoteLink

In many organizations today that have multiple branches, the need has arisen to consolidate call recording and quality management records at a central location for security and optimization purposes. Majuda® Corporation has addressed this need and has developed a solution to cater for this requirement. Majuda® Remote Link™ is an innovative product that is ancillary to the Majuda® Voice Suite. Majuda® Remote Link™ gives you the ability to securely consolidate recordings and metadata from “branch sites” to a central location using either real-time or scheduled methodologies. Security logs, agent notes, screen shots and all associated information remain current and in tact ensuring centralized compliance.


  • Support for multiple remote sites.
  • Support for both real time and batch transfers
  • All calls recorded remotely and transferred/stored centrally.
  • Allows for centralized compliance and Quality control.
  • Customizable and scalable