We provide solutions for high-density PRI deployments with Asterisk.

Redfone Communications is a pioneer and leader in delivering hi-performance, hi-reliability T1/E1 and SIP connectivity solutions. Formed in 2003 and built by a team of veteran engineers specializing in the very demanding field of avionics data communications, Redfone's unique engineering pedigree delivers extremely robust, reliable and unique hardware and software solutions to the telephony market.

Redfone Sister Companies

Avionica, Inc.

Since 1992, Avionica has delivered innovative aircraft data interface, collection, and analysis products and services to diverse customers, including aircraft, engine, and avionics OEM’s, operators, maintenance facilities, regulatory agencies, safety boards, and militaries worldwide.

Management Technologies

MTech serves hotels around the globe, providing solutions that enable them to provide better service while working more efficiently.


We are selling and implementing the complete Redfone product range throughout Asia

Redfone Hardware: