Call Center Solutions

Asterisk and its built in call centre features provide an array of possibilities to build, enhance and expand your call centre. Flexible Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) features make it easy to manage inbound calls, optimize contact center operations, and increase customer satisfaction.

Asterisk enhances call center operations in several important ways:

  • Efficient call handling
  • Customizable IVR
  • Customizable Queues
  • Skill Based routing
  • Increased agent productivity
  • Weighted Distribution
  • Call Recording
  • Remote Agent
  • Hot Desking

Asterisk's Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) ensures that calls are handled quickly and efficiently. All features are built in into the asterisk core along with call recording and voice applications to reduce the hardware complexity at your premises.

Asterisk boasts many sophisticated capabilities including:

  • Advanced Call Routing that directs calls based on Caller ID, account numbers, private lists, preferred agent treatment, agent priority, time-of-day, day-of-week, day-of-year, and user-entered data.
  • Skills-Based Routing sends calls to the right person to handle the call
  • Multiple Group Agent Log-in
  • Agent Priority Routing gives you the ability to send the right call to the right agent.
  • Intelligent Announcements play pre-recorded messages and inform callers on hold of their place in the queue and estimated time before answer and offer alternative actions like going to voice mail or invoking a call back.
  • IVR Voice Assistant gathers and validates caller input, triggers responses, alerts agents and supervisors when the queue gets overloaded with calls, and provides many creative application opportunities.
  • Integration of your PC and your telephone enables you to manage incoming and outgoing call functions and synchronizes with your company's operations, CRM or contact software.
  • Call recording/logging enables you to record, store, organize, search, and playback telephone calls to avoid disputes and improve the quality of training and customer service.
  • Call Center reports let supervisors analyze agent performance, call center group activity, and system status, as well as forecast future call center staffing requirements by analyzing call volume patterns.
  • Integration with Webchat / Skype, Google, web callback and more.

Call Center Reporting Samples:

Answered/Unanswered Calls per hour

Queue Summary

Access Control

Configuration Parameters

Call Distribution

User Management

Add-On Modules:

Check out our exiting call center add-on modules:

  • Dynamic real-time agent / queue assignment
  • Work-Code Management
  • Dashboards

    • Feature-List:

      The following is a extract of ready available features in our Asterisk based call center solutions:

      • Inbound/Outbound/Blended
      • Unlimited ACD / Queues
      • Unlimited Agents
      • Queue Priorities
      • Skill Based Routing
      • Real-Time Agent Assignment
      • Dynamic/Static Agents
      • Agent Restrictions
      • Various Ring Strategies
      • Queue Weight
      • Skip Busy Agents
      • Music on Hold
      • Join Announcement
      • Call Recording
      • Caler Volume Adjustment
      • Agent Volume Adjustment
      • Max Wait Time
      • Agent Timeout Restart
      • Wrap-Up Time
      • Agent Announcement
      • Report Wait/Hold Time
      • Max Callers
      • Penalties
      • Caller Position Announcement
      • Predictive Dialer
      • CTI Integration
      • Unlimited IVR

      Supported Protocols:

      • Google Talk
      • H.323
      • IAX™ (Inter-Asterisk eXchange)
      • Jingle/XMPP
      • MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol
      • SCCP (Cisco® Skinny®)
      • SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)
      • UNIStim
      • Skype
      • E&M
      • E&M Wink
      • Feature Group D
      • FXS
      • FXO
      • GR-303
      • Loopstart
      • Groundstart
      • Kewlstart
      • MF and DTMF support
      • Robbed-bit Signaling (RBS) Types
      • AT&T 4ESS
      • EuroISDN PRI and BRI
      • Lucent 5ESS
      • National ISDN 1
      • National ISDN 2
      • NFAS
      • Nortel DMS100
      • Q.SIG

      • ADPCM
      • G.711 (A-Law & μ-Law)
      • G.719 (pass through)
      • G.722
      • G.722.1 licensed from Polycom®
      • G.722.1 Annex C licensed from Polycom®
      • G.723.1 (pass through)
      • G.726
      • G.729.a
      • GSM
      • iLBC
      • Linear
      • LPC-10