Dynamic real-time agent / queue assignment

In a standard Asterisk based call centre system, agents need login into the queues manually. If the agents have to work in multiple queues at the same time he or she needs to login / logout into all this queues either via feature codes or by pressing fix pre-programmed buttons on the phone.

The situation get's even more complex if the individual agent does not work always in the same queues. On top of this there is no possibility for a supervisor to dynamically re-arrange agents in realtime.

The supervisor realises that the english queue is full and that the wait time is above the desired SLA thresholds.
What would the supervisor like to?
He would like to have a web-based tool where he can simply login, and assign additional free agents to the english queue in realtime. The added agents do not need to login / logout out of the system to make the changes effective.
The Dynamic real-time agent / queue assignment module communicates with Asterisk in the background and arranges the necessary queue login / logout tasks automatically.

Screenshots Samples:

Agent allocation

Queue Selection

Agent List




  • Unlimited Queues
  • Unlimited Agents
  • Real-Time Placement of Agents
  • Fully automated login / logoff into Queues
  • Agents can be in multiple queues
  • Agent Priority / Penalty in Queues