Asterisk Hotel Integration Module and API

We created a very flexible framework and API which allows us to easily integrate Asterisk in any hotel management solution.

The Astervox PBX is used to work seamlessly with the existing Hotel Information System (HIS) as well the Property Management System (PMS) taking over all telephony functionalities as well voicemail features. thanks to Astervox fully SIP compliant design the integration of wireless phones was achieved easily.
Unique features of our Asterisk Hotel Integration Module

  • • Automatically reset the guest phone upon check-in and checkout, adding or removing the guest’s name on the voicemail system and deleting any leftover recordings
  • • Scheduling of automated wakeup calls
  • • Block external calls to and from particular guest room’s upon request
  • • Guests’ names are displayed to receptionists when making in-house calls
  • • Call billing automatically integrated into guest folios
  • • The ability for housekeepers to deliver Room status updates and execute minibar charges through guest room phones.

  • Hotel Guests, Maintenance Staff as well the Back office profit from the enhanced mobility and ease of use of this future proof telephony solution. Asterisk makes it easy to communicate, update mini bar purchases and room status and even allows ordering food while enjoying a nice day at the beach.


  • YTL-Case Study: Download
  • API-Quick-Guide: Please request from sales department.