Our Asterisk IVR solutions allow us to build IVR's for small SME's as well as very complex enterprise grade and backend integrated IVR systems for enterprises.

We are providing IVR systems as an integrated hardware and software package. Reliable, scalable, and pre-configured to meet your specifications, Intuittech's on-site IVR systems include all the necessary software and hardware to enable the swift deployment of your IVR applications.

With Asterisk IVR solutions, you can communicate more effectively with your customer. As customer touch points increase, keeping a consistent and coordinated customer experience becomes more and more challenging. We can help you evaluate who your customers are and what they expect so that you can create a customer experience that goes beyond your customers’ expectations. An Asterisk based IVR can provide you with an integrated solution that lets your customers interact with you in the way that is most comfortable for them and economical for you.


The following is an extract our IVR functionalities:

  • T1/E1/PRI Support
  • Analog Line Support
  • PBX Integration
  • VoiceXML 2.0
  • VoiceXML 2.1 Extensions
  • CCXML 1.0 Call Control
  • Supports 100% of W3C IVR Standards
  • IETF ENUM Call Routing
  • Call Recording
  • Call Conferencing
  • Native VOIP Support
  • Multi-lingual ASR / TTS
  • Full CTI Support
  • Intelligent Call Progress Analysis
  • SYSLOG Logging
  • Premise solution and hosted service