Video Conferencing

Depending on your organisations requirements you can host your video conference calls directly on your Asterisk server or use our sophisticated video conferencing appliance solution from Surf Communications

Native Asterisk Video Conferencing

If you are looking for a basic video conferencing solution where you conference 1-to-1 (meaning two parties) the native Asterisk video conferencing could be the right solution for you.

Asterisk video conferencing works with any standard Video phone (Hardware or Software) as long it supports any of this codecs:

  • H.263
  • H.264
  • H.261

Video Conferencing Appliance (Surf Communication)

Our enterprise video conferencing solution is the right product to choose if you:

  • have multiple people and rooms in the conference call
  • need dynamic resolution and bandwidth assignment based on end client and connection speed
  • HD Video
  • host simultaneous video conferences
  • don't want your Asterisk CPU resources used up by video conferencing
  • vast amount of device and OS support (iPhone, Android, Linux, Windows, MAC....)
  • like hassel free and super easy to use video conferencing

  • More information regarding Orion (Surf Communications)


The following is a extract of ready available features in Asterisk and Orion (Surf Communications):

  • Standard based signalling and coding technology
  • SIP
  • Bridge Support
  • G711,G729,G726,iLBC,G723.a, HD G711.1
  • MPEG4, H263,H264
  • QCIF,CIF,half VGA, VGA,SD and HD (720dp)
  • Leader Based Conferencing
  • Configurable Meeting Room
  • Multiple Video Layout
  • VIP participants
  • Web Management
  • Monitoring
  • Multiple Language Support