Surf Orion-Express

Conferencing At Incomparable Price per Session

SURF’s Orion-MCU™ Express is an open, standard based, unmatched cost, HD voice and HD video conferencing bridge (MCU) that provides real-time, low latency, ubiquitous conferencing capabilities between different devices with different multimedia voice and video resolutions, packaged for OEM distribution as an MCU on-board solution for integrating into any system.

The Orion-Express is based on open standards including, SIP for signaling and H264, H263 and MPEG4 for video and a wide array of voice codecs, including HD voice codecs for a natural and clear conversation. The Orion-Express provides full end-to-end transcoding for every conference participant, providing the highest possible level of quality and ensuring interoperability and connectivity.

The only Asterisk Video Conferencing Solution

The Orion-Express allows traditional voice and networking equipment providers, whether they are large multinational corporations, or Open Source Asterisk based PBX’s integrators to introduce unified communication capabilities into their product with HD video conferencing capabilities. ORION-Express offers a plug and play solution, providing an Asterisk video conferencing solution designed for enterprises.

An Affordable Low Cost MCU

The Orion-Express can connect to any system through a low-profile PCI-Express slot, making it an ideal installation in network appliances. The Orion Express can also work as a standalone solution, with only IP and power connected, and resides as a fully functional environment, an ideal solution for enterprise based cloud installations

The SURF1286 is a PCIe low profile card that fits into any standard platform and requires an unprecedented 18W of power.

The SURF Express (4286) is a full height, ¾ length PCIe card that fits into any standard platform with an optional fan module.